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Grosser Saal (Main Hall)

Daily 13:30–14:30

closed on: 
Thu 18. 6., Fri 19. 6., Sat 20. 6., Sun 21.6., Sat 4. 7., Sat 11. 7., Sat 18. 7., Sat 25. 7., Sun 27.12., Wed 30.12., Thu 31.12.

With painted ceiling, stained-glass windows, sculpted columns and architraves. 2nd floor, use South lift, South staircase or West staircase.

Exhibition room

Fri 14-16, Sat–Sun 10–12 and 14–16 and Mon–Thu 14:30–15:30
Exceptions: Fri 12.4., Sat 13.4. 13:30-16:00

Mit Holzskulptur "Der Menschheitsrepräsentant zwischen Luzifer und Ahriman" sowie Motiven zum ersten und zweiten Goetheanumbau. Im Goetheanum, Südtreppenhaus, 4. Stock

Model of the First Goetheanum

Fri 14–16 and Sun 10–12

Walk-in model of the first Goetheanum. Installation: Rudolf Feuerstack, since 1994. True-to-detail and with original materials, scale 1:20. Special viewings on request. Exhibition Room at the Goetheanum, South staircase, 4th floor.


Fri 14:30–15:30

Rudolf Steiner’s and Edith Maryon’s studio 1914-1925; «1:1-Model» and replicas of models for the wooden sculpture “The Representative of Humanity between Lucifer and Ahriman”. Blue wooden building located South-East of the Schreinerei.

Rudolf Steiner Atelier

Fri 14–15

Rudolf Steiner’s Studio.The room where he resided during the time of his illness, from September 1924 to 30 March 1925. Schreinerei, entrance on the right.

Artists’ Flat in Eurythmy House

Fri 15:30-16:30

Room of sculptor Edith Maryon, Rudolf Steiner’s co-worker, with original works. Lower Eurythmy House, Rüttiweg 30, 1st floor.

Rudolf Steiner Archive

(at Haus Duldeck)

Mon–Fri 15–18

Shop and office.

Architecture Walk

Dornach Arlesheim
Brochures available at the reception in the Goetheanum

From the Goetheanum different colored signposted paths lead in four directions through Dornach and Arlesheim. Selected buildings of the organic-plastic architectural style can be independently explored.