Individual Membership

Membership as an individual member directly affiliated to the Goetheanum is intended for those people who cannot or do not wish to be connected with a local group, or for whom there is not much point in local membership (frequent change of residence, student, etc.). 

Membership application
You can submit your membership application directly to the Goetheanum online or in writing (form in pdf format). The form may also be used to apply to a country society or a branch. 

"Anthroposophy worldwide" newsletter
As an individual member, you will receive ten issues per year of Anthroposophy worldwide, the newsletter of the General Anthroposophical Society, as well as other information about conferences and courses at the Goetheanum. 

Membership contribution
The standard annual membership contribution is currently CHF 300.-/approx. EUR 280.-/approx US$ 330.-. But members are encouraged to set the level of their membership contribution to take account of their financial situation. Thus students or members from countries with weak economies might contribute less; at the same time other members ensure that a balance is maintained by contributing more than the standard rate. Nevertheless a minimum amount of EUR 40.- / US$ 55.- is required to cover our basic expenses. Please realise, that the work and existence of the Anthroposophical Society is only based on membership contribution and donations. Thank you.

From within Switzerland and non-EUR-countries
General Anthroposophical Society, Postfach, CH–4143 Dornach
IBAN: CH54 8080 8001 1975 4658 2
From within Germany and Austria and other-EUR-countries
General Anthroposophical Society, (account nr. 988 100)
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, DE-44708 Bochum
IBAN: DE53 4306 0967 0000 9881 00 

From within other countries

CHF-Account: General Anthroposophical Society
IBAN: CH54 8080 8001 1975 4658 2/CHF

BP-Account: General Anthroposophical Society
IBAN: CH57 8080 8002 4407 3179 9/GBP

USD-Account: General Anthroposophical Society
IBAN: CH23 8080 8001 7896 7636 5/USD