How they assist the work of the Goetheanum

Financing the work
The General Anthroposophical Society does conduct activities that generate income and profits to support the cultural and free spiritual life of the Society. It is entirely dependent on financial support from individuals, foundations and companies. The General Anthroposophical Society is supported with the annual membership contributions from its members. However, many cannot pay even the suggested amount, and the full amount of membership income supports less than 20% of the total income. Some income is generated through various consulting and support service contracts, publications, conferences as well as the theatre and eurythmy stage. Total donations, including income from legacies for 2001 was approximately 8 million Swiss francs. Most donations do not require any contract. They are completed at the time of the donation (liquid assets, paper securities, and valuables.

General purpose donation or designated donations
A general purpose donation enables support for current and future impulses. They support the core and essential operating costs of the Goetheanum, and are an essential aspect of the operating budget. Without substantial donations, the Goetheanum could not continue to function.
With designated donations, donors can support specific projects of particular interest. This is also a crucial form of support and identified projects and activities of the Goetheanum, including capital projects, require designated financial support. Without this concrete financial support and the enthusiasm that comes with it, such projects could not be carried out.

If you wish to support the Goetheanum or a specific project, but would like to schedule your gift over a period of time such as a year or more, transfer , a pledge statement can be most helpful to both you as the donor and to the Goetheanum, so it can reckon with your pledge amount as part of the overall projected income for a project. The intention of your gift can thus be included in the planning of the project.

Donations with the right of recall
If you wish to make a larger donation, you may also elect to make a conditional gift with the right of recall in the event it becomes necessary. This is a simple and usual contractual agreement whereby you place capital with the Goetheanum, with the intention to gift the capital, but with the right to recall it if the need arises for an unusual or urgent situation. It is possible to recall only a portion of the gift. We generally prefer not to have gifts with right of recall for under CHF 25,000. This option gives the donor a degree ofsecurity in case of personal emergencies. The right of recall applies only to the donor and terminates either with the decease of the donor or by written consent of the donor.

Donations of property and buildings
The donation of property and buildings requires a contract and registrating in the land relevant registry. If you are considering donating either real estate or other tangible personal property please contact the Finance Department at the Goetheanum. If needed, we can provide legal and accounting advice to finalize a transaction.
With gifts of real estate, a donor may, with contractual agreement , retain right of use of a property, or, in special cases, may receive a rental payment in anticipation of a donation of real estate to support other expenses such as costs in a retirement or nursing home. Right of continued occupancy is a relatively common form of providing for yourself as well as indicating your intention to provide for the future security of the Goetheanum.

Donations of other assets
An additional possibility, is the donation of investment returns or dividends on property without the property itself being donated. (For example: Donation of a percentage of the returns from a company, the investment income or dividends from securities or the long term right of use of a real estate).
The Finance Department at the Goetheanum is available to discuss with you possibilities and ideas regarding ways you can support the work of the Anthroposophical Society. These conversations are confidential. We greatly appreciate your consideration and interest.