Light – Color – Darkness

A Conference of the Medical Section
for Members of the School of Spiritual Science
in the Anthroposophical-Medical Movement at the Goetheanum

from Wednesday, 12 to Thursday, 13 September 2018





Organiser: Medical Sektion


Dear Colleagues,

The meditative path of knowledge of the Michael School begins with the experience
of darkness. In the midst of the brightness of day, the awareness arises of everything
that lies in darkness despite the fullness of light: a person’s own spiritual being is not
accessible to the senses and the spiritual world, to which it belongs, is not illuminated
through the light of day either. “I look into the darkness” is the spiritual experience of
a person when they reflect on their being and the world of the beings of the spiritual world.
It is also true, however, that a first glimmer of light lives in the awakening question about the
spiritual world: the meditative path of knowledge is connected with the development of
this light out of darkness. Every cognition creates visibility, shines into the spiritual world
and illuminates a previously existing darkness. The Foundation Stone Meditation refers to
this illuminating power of light, but also to its warming effect. Light and warmth can guide
human beings to their goals in life, to what they do out of knowledge. The spiritual qualities
of light live in the Foundation Stone Meditation and reference is made to its source, the Sun of Christ.
In our work in the School of Spiritual Science, we want to start with the experience of darkness,
colour and light, seek the light at the threshold to the spiritual world in human encounter, and work
on the relationship between the meditative path of knowledge of the Michael School and the
Foundation Stone Meditation against the background of the action of light.

Looking forward to our meeting and work together,

Matthias Girke and Georg Soldner


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