The local region: Schwarzbubenland

Dornach is located in the Schwarzbubenland ("black boys’ land"), which consists of the political districts of Dorneck and Thierstein. It belongs to the canton of Solothurn and is the local recreational area of ​​Basel. It is also called "the pearl of northwestern Switzerland", because the enchanting natural landscape consists of hills, gorges and valleys. There are many museums, galleries and theatres to be found in its 23 municipalities. The Schwarzbubenland is also known for its castles, ruins and monasteries, some of which are still actively operated or in use today. If you would like to round off your stay at the Goetheanum with a trip to the surrounding area, the information desk of the Schwarzbubenland Forum in the Neues Theater am Bahnhof (opposite the Dornach-Arlesheim train station) will be happy to inform you:

Forum Schwarzbubenland
Bahnhofstrasse 32
CH-4143 Dornach
Tel Forum +41 61 702 17 17
Fax Forum +41 61 702 17 00

Opening hours:
Tuesday / Thursday / Friday: 9-11.30 / 13-17 o’clock
Wednesday: 13-17 o’clock
Saturday: 9-11.30 o`clock