Together with Marie von Sivers, builds up theosophical lodges inside and outside of Germany. Lively lecture activity, both for the public and for members of the Theosophical Society.

Founds, publishes and edits the monthly, Luzifer, later called Lucifer-Gnosis (1903). Certain fundamental works appear there in serial form, such as How to Know Higher Worlds, From the Akasha Chronicle, Theosophy and the Social Question, The Education of the Child and Levels of Higher Knowledge. These appeared later in book form.

Friendship with Christian Morgenstern and Edouard Schuré. Encounter with Wassily Kandinsky.

Each winter, public lecture cycles in Berlin’s Architektenhaus, e.g.: “Origin and Goal of the Human Being,” “Metamorphoses of the Soul,” “Answers of Spiritual Science to the Great Questions of Existence.”


Theosophy appears, a central anthroposophical work. It is an introduction to supersensible knowledge of the world and human destination.






Publication of his research into questions concerning cosmology and evolutionary history raised by An Outline of Esoteric Science.