Conférences au Goetheanum

Postponed to 19.5.2021: The dignity of the child

International early years conference on pregnancy, birth and early childhood

GOETHES FAUST 1&2 -traduit en français-

Juin à juillet 2020

NEUF HEURES DANS LE GOETHEANUM. Réalisé par Andrea Pfaehler (drame), Eduardo Torres (eurythmie).

Crossing Bridges – Being Human!

September 12 to 20, 2020

World Conference Celebrating 100 Years of Anthroposophic Medicine

Education – always! Developing what lives in me and moves the world

5th to 9th October, 2020

International Conference for Curative Education and Social Therapy

Meeting with the Goetheanum

New date: October 23 until October 24th, 2020

This gathering is an initiative of the Goetheanum-Alumni, who would like to introduce the Goetheanum to the public, interested people and friends.

Sound & Speech The Wonder of Movement Dimensions of Transformation

5–9 April 2021

International Conference Eurythmy · Eurythmy Therapy · Speech Formation. Open Forums, Workshops, Lectures, Demonstrations and Performances: Language in the Age of Digitalisation, The Reality of the Sounds, The Language of Spatial Forms, 100 Years of Eurythmy Therapy