Conferencias en el Goetheanum

Cancelled: International Conference

6th to 11th April 2020

Towards the Embodiment of the School of Spiritual Science – Working with the Nineteen Class Lessons. Conference for members of the School of Spiritual Science

Cancelled: Breathing, Light and Warmth

8 to 10 May 2020

Breathing, Light and Warmth. From treating the tumour to treating the patient. Conference on the CARE IV and V areas


Art in the age of digitalisation and transhumanism. Ascension conference of the Visual Arts Section in cooperation with the Section for Fine Arts and the Section for Performing Arts

The dignity of the child

International early years conference on pregnancy, birth and early childhood

Meeting with the Goetheanum

This gathering is an initiative of the Goetheanum-Alumni, who would like to introduce the Goetheanum to the public, interested people and friends.

Crossing Bridges – Being Human!

September 12 to 20, 2020

World Conference Celebrating 100 Years of Anthroposophic Medicine

Sound & Speech The Wonder of Movement Dimensions of Transformation

5–9 April 2021

International Conference Eurythmy · Eurythmy Therapy · Speech Formation. Open Forums, Workshops, Lectures, Demonstrations and Performances: Language in the Age of Digitalisation, The Reality of the Sounds, The Language of Spatial Forms, 100 Years of Eurythmy Therapy