Conferencias en el Goetheanum


30 Jan. - 2 Feb. 2020

February Days 2020. Winter youth conference. Freedom, Responsibility & Destiny in times of climate crises.

Finding the Spirit in Agriculture

5th to 8th February 2020

Annual International Conference of the Biodynamic Movement

100 years Spiritual Science and Anthroposophic Medicine

6 to 8 March 2020

Opening event for the anniversary year of Anthroposophic Medicine

Unirse al mundo en amor activo

[Translate to es:] Jahreskonferenz und Generalversammlung der Allgemeinen Anthroposophischen Gesellschaft

International Conference

6th to 11th April 2020

Towards the Embodiment of the School of Spiritual Science – Working with the Nineteen Class Lessons. Conference for members of the School of Spiritual Science

The dignity of the child

International early years conference on pregnancy, birth and early childhood