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Discussion of food quality on World Food Day

Creado por translated by Bettina Hindes |
The nutrition scientist Jasmin Peschke is calling for more self-determination in dealing with food: Production conditions determine food quality, environmental footprint and social responsibility. The World Food Day event on 16 October at the Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel will provide inspiration for an examination of the qualities of nutrition.

Consumers themselves are in control: buying an apple is also a decision about the way it is produced. Was it sprayed? Was it imported from overseas? What were the social conditions under which it was traded? "Nutrition is a far-reaching question of quality for people who have been concerned with their nutrition since the apple of paradise," says Jasmin Peschke, a nutrition scientist with a doctorate degree who heads the Coordination for Nutrition in the Agricultural Section of the Goetheanum. "We want to decide for ourselves what our world will look like - now and in the future."

From matcha, moringa, avocado to goji berries, new foods are constantly coming onto the market as "superfoods". The sheer abundance, the new diets and products make shopping and deciding what is healthy and what really nourishes us into a daily challenge. At the same time, for example, in Switzerland there is an overconsumption of sweets, salt and meat. On the other hand, over 800 million people are starving worldwide. 

For the first time, the Stiftung Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel and the Agricultural Section of the Goetheanum are offering a forum on World Food Day to discuss the qualities and global interrelationships of food. Initiatives for the responsible management of food will be presented, including Bakery-outlet, Demeter Switzerland, the Forum for Contemporary Nutrition, the Consumer Association Basel, Food Rescue and Urban Agriculture Basel. Jasmin Peschke will also share practical experience in a workshop and a lecture.

Contributions to World Food Day

What really feeds us? From Apple to the Future of the Earth 16 October 2018, Freie Gemeinschaftsbank, Meret-Oppenheim-Strasse 10, 4053 Basel, Switzerland Begin 17:30. Projektmarktplatz 18 h/18.45 Uhr Workshop 'Tasting: Experiencing quality through the senses' 8pm Lecture 'From apple to the future of the earth' by Jasmin Peschke

About the organisers http://www.gemeinschaftsbank.ch Freie Gemeinschaftsbank Basel

Coordination for Nutrition, in the Section for Agriculture at the Goetheanum  http://www.sektion-landwirtschaft.org