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Theater initiative 'Spielraum' begins work at Goetheanum

Created by Translated by Bettina Hindes |
On 21 October, the new theatre Initiative 'Spielraum' ('Play-room') will be introduced at the Goetheanum - with whole grain bread and theatre games. The events generally take place on Tuesday evening at 7 pm. This free ensemble is part of the Section for the Performing Arts at the Goetheanum.

When the standing acting ensemble at the Goetheanum was disbanded, the question arose as to whether and how this art form could continue to be cultivated at the Goetheanum. When Stefan Hasler began his new role as head of the Section for Performing Arts, he encouraged stage artists to renew the acting work at the Goetheanum. 

As a result, nine actresses and actors and three eurythmists developed the concept 'Spielraum'. For them, art stands at the forefront of the struggle to be human – to remain human and to become human. The Goetheanum provides the initiative with its in-house infrastructure, whereby the 'Spielraum' team bears the financial risk. In terms of content, the team works independently, out of its own initiative, and at the same time in cooperation with the Section Leader and the Stage Management at the Goetheanum.

The 'Spielraum' initiative is an experiment that transcends the visibility of artistic creation. Isabelle Fortagne believes the that the idea that art as an economic form must support itself is wrong. "It's about creating a framework for an unconditional cultural income." By this she means making cultural participation possible for all people, and at the same time being able to live as creators of culture. So are audiences, patrons and foundations willing not only to let the creative space know their wishes, but also to support them economically? After all, admission to cultural events ought to be be donation-based. The programme includes readings, ad-hoc theatre, poetry recitations and theatre for children. And beyond that, there are many ideas ranging from classical dramas to cabaret.

Contributors: Katja Axe, Isabelle Fortagne, Angelina Gazquez, Fabian Horn, Christina Kerssen, Anne-Katrin Korf, Jens-Bodo Meier, Andrea Pfaehler, Christian Richter, Catherine Ann Schmid, Marcel Scialdone, Barbara Stuten 


Opening 21. October, 3pm – approx. 6pm Events 23. October to 18. December, Tuesdays, 7pm




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