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News from the Goetheanum

Launch of the Goetheanum Leadership School in Autumn

The Goetheanum Leadership School is aimed at self-management as a prerequisite for the management of companies and groups as well as for the exercise of social responsibility. The founders include Jean-Michel Florin, a educator of farmers, Katrin Käufer, a postdoctoral scientist, and Paul Mackay, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Weleda.

Leading people is a very challenging job. According to the founders of the Goetheanum Leadership School, managing companies and groups requires the ability to reflect upon and develop oneself. Paul Mackay: "One of the basic prerequisites for leadership is that I have a free relationship with myself - one should not stand in one's own way." Jean-Michel Florin expresses a not so surprising view: "When looking at role models in world history, we come across those who have matured through inner work, such as Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi." By assuming responsibility for social processes, the leader expands his perspective. The resulting field of tension must be endured and shaped.

At the heart of the Goetheanum Leadership School is what the executives bring in in the form of questions and tasks from their respective organisations and companies. In collaborative teaching, the course instructors will show how to arrive at new ideas and problem solutions through conversation. Jean-Michel Florin: "It's all about process awareness in order to be able to access an existential layer." Knowledge and experience in management are required. Katrin Käufer: "Management needs cognitive training; our Leadership School is the way to inner freedom." 

Students work on a personal development project between the two five-day modules; during this time, they are in close contact with the course tutors from the Goetheanum Leadership School. 

Goetheanum Leadership School (in English)
Module I September 30th to October 4th, 2019
In Between Personal change project with individual and peer coaching
Module II February 24th to 28th, 2020

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