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Ab heute werden die Wiesen des Goetheanum-Parks wieder zu Kuhweiden: Vroni, Zwickel, Zera und Zinia kommen von ihrem Winterexil zurück. Und sie bringen etwas Besonderes mit: Nachwuchs, wenn auch noch ungeborenen.

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The Goetheanum is a center of a worldwide network of spiritually engaged people. It is the seat of the School of Spiritual Science  and the General Anthroposophical Society, which serves as a place of exchange for those with spiritual questions, and a place for trainings in scientific and artistic fields. 

Events range from lectures on special themes, to large, international conferences, to performances by  ensembles and guest performances in Eurythmy, theater, puppetry and music. 

Situated in the Jura landscape, 10 Kilometers South of Basel, the Goetheanum sits grand on the Dornach hill, with its expressive architecture and picturesque garden park, café, bookstore and gift shop.