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Goetheanum Studies focuses on self-knowledge and engagement in the world

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The Goetheanum Studies programme aims to develop skills in the areas of self-knowledge and engagement in the world. This goal is supported by the transdisciplinary approach and study community of courses in German, English and Spanish/Portuguese.

«How can I find a sense of direction within myself at a time when everything is in motion and the world is constantly evolving and changing? How can I help to shape the world, bear the consequences and at the same time remain confident, free and relaxed?» This is how Edda Nehmiz, responsible for the coordination of the program, describes the goal of the Goetheanum Studies. The central focus is on building capacities for self-knowledge and a sense of commitment in the world.

The starting point for this is a clearer relationship with oneself. This is achieved by exploring the ideas of others, letting them resonate, independent study and the awareness of oneself. Through encounters with people from different cultures, the learning community also conveys insights and experiences about one's own character, which is not only individual but also culturally shaped. Rudolf Steiner's distinctive concepts and contexts serve to help us recognize and describe these experiences.

The Goetheanum Studies program aims to develop values, knowledge and joy in order to become active in the world.

  • The academic year in German, English and Spanish/Portuguese will begin on 8 October 2018. 
  • The part-time training courses beginning with the ‹Foundation in Anthroposophy› and ‹Discovering Goethe's Natural Sciences› will start on 26/27 October 2018. 
  • New study programs beginning on 8 October 2018: ‹Postgraduate Stage Course› and ‹Anthroposophy through Eurythmy›. 



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The Goetheanum is the headquarters for the School of Spiritual Science and the General Anthroposophical Society. The School of Spiritual Science with its eleven sections is active worldwide in research, development, teaching, and the practical implementation of its research findings and is supported by the Anthroposophical Society.

Events range from lectures on special themes, to large, international conferences, to performances by  ensembles and guest performances in Eurythmy, theater, puppetry and music. 

Situated in the Jura landscape, 10 Kilometers South of Basel, the Goetheanum sits grand on the Dornach hill, with its expressive architecture and picturesque garden park, café and a bookstore.