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General meeting confirms treasurer Justus Wittich

More personal responsibility for employees, commitment to the diversity of members, finances on the right track, reconfirmation of treasurer Justus Wittich – these are the themes that were discussed at the General Assembly of the General Anthroposophical Society held from 11th to 13rd April.

Since the 2018 General Assembly where two members of the Executive Council were not reconfirmed, the Goetheanum leadership has made many changes. At the operational level, employees‘ personal responsibility has been strengthened. On the part of the Anthroposophical Society, the Executive Council is committed to understanding diversity as a valuable asset: Human life manifests itself in manifold individual inner themes and drives, and is shaped by both the cultural traditions and the legal framework of the country in which we live. In addition, the Executive Council has increased communication with members worldwide.

In 2018, there was progress in the budget rebalancing. In a process lasting several years, the structural deficit is to be reduced further and the annual accounts are to be at least balanced by 2020. There are various reasons why the 2018 result is in fact positive: Non-replacement of vacant positions, efficient management and an increase in income. Treasurer Justus Wittich: “We have not yet overcome our structural deficit. The liquidity gap that arose in 2016 and 2017 and capital losses in the balance sheet need to be replenished.” The Goetheanum is supported by donations, legacies and proceeds from events

The General Assembly reconfirmed Justus Wittich‘s term of office on the Executive Council for a further seven years with 455 votes in favour, 53 against and 22 abstentions.

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