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Film shows 'School as a Whole' as the mission of the Waldorf school movement

Created by Katharina Stemann, translation: Bettina Hindes |
In the film 'Tea(cher) Talk' from the web project Waldorf teachers from six countries explain why it is important at a school to work to prevent fragmentation, specialisation, modularisation and thus marginalisation.

The pedagogical specialists make it clear that a person is in the process of becoming and that his or her development is appropriately accompanied from birth to adolescence from a holistic approach. Philipp Reubke, coordinator of the International Waldorf Kindergarten Association: "The goal of my work is not only: I want to provide the five-year-old with a very creative opportunity to play, no, my goal is: I want to educate a person who can take control of himself, who can take control of his own life in a certain way. And who can fit harmoniously into society. Who can change society." 

Other speakers include Michal BenShalom, mentor of the Harduf Waldorf School (Israel), Sigurd Borghs, director of the Michael School (Belgium), Florian Osswald, co-director of the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum (Switzerland), Irina Ogorodova, lecturer at the Periodic Seminar (Russia), and Jyotsna Patnaik, lecturer at the Sloka Waldorf School (India).

The film was produced by Waldorf Resources, a project of the International Conference of the Waldorf Education Movement, in cooperation with the Pedagogical Section at the Goetheanum. The website provides materials for the specific design of schools, kindergartens and supplementary activities, for example to the questions: How do I prepare a lesson, like a unit in kindergarten? How do I prepare a parents' evening? What are the conditions for community school governance?

Film Tea(cher) Talk: 11:18 min, subtitles German, English, Spanish

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