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Agricultural Conference 2019: Fair prices through associative management in the supply chain

Created by Sebastian Jüngel |
Biodynamic agriculture is a pioneer in organic farming. In addition, biodynamic agriculture is a pioneer in the development of practice-oriented models for sustainable and associative economics. An overview is provided by the conference 'Land Wirtschaft' ('Land Economy') from 6-9 February at the Goetheanum.

Nature is the very basis of human life. The economy creates added value from natural resources. In the realm of food these are existential, in the realm of industrially used raw materials they are a contribution to wellbeing. Biodynamic agriculture aims to preserve the natural means of production - soil, plants and animals - in the production process as a whole and to improve their vitality, fertility and production capacity. This is not possible in an industrial operation - the means of production wear out and have to be written off.

The agricultural sector is thus suitable for developing and implementing models for a sustainable and associative economy. The reference point is the earning potential of the fertile soil. In an association all partners in the value chain - production, processing, wholesale and retail trade, consumer - work together. They create a common awareness for their tasks, evaluate the market situation with regard to quantities of goods, pricing and demand and regulate quality, quantity and price on that basis. They also address issues of land ownership, investment loans and the financing of cultivation methods and research. Further implementations can be found in regional associative zones, economic communities of consumers and farms (solidarity agriculture) as well as in concepts such as food systems and true cost accounting.

Conference Agriculture Between Farm and World
6. to 9. February 2019

Charter for Associative Economy

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