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As economic independence is the foundation of a free, creative spiritual life, the General Anthroposophical Society and its School of Spiritual Science are supported financially, solely by contributions from its members and friends and income generated through its programs and activities.

The Foundation Statute and the Statutes of the General Anthroposophical Society provide information about its tasks and about the focus of its work. Your membership contribution supports the Society in achieving its objectives and creatively realising its tasks in art, science and education. The Goetheanum as the center of the General Anthroposophical Society requires support for its ongoing activities and commitments.

In accordance with the Foundation Statute of the General Anthroposophical Society (Article 4), “anyone can become a member without regard to nationality, social standing, religion, scientific or artistic conviction, who considers the existence of such an institution as the Goetheanum in Dornach in its capacity as a School of Spiritual Science to be justified.”

A member affiliates himself or herself with a local group, regional centre or country society. Anyone wishing to become a member of the Anthroposophical Society should complete the application form for membership and send it to the secretary of the country society or group concerned. The Goetheanum website as well as the annual reports of the General Anthroposophical Society contain the addresses of all the country societies and groups directly attached to the Goetheanum.

In exceptional cases, a member can be attached directly to the Goetheanum as an 'individual member'. The latter case may be reasonable for people who often change their domicile or cannot maintain a connection to a local group. In that case, one should apply directly to the members' services office at the Goetheanum.

Each member receives a membership card as confirmation of membership.