Ethical Individualism: Transforming Self and Society

Social Initiative Forum

Friday 19th til Sunday 21st October 2018

What is my individual responsibility in contributing to the healing of a world in pain?

How can I find a source of strength within myself to actively transform social challenges into opportunities for development? 

“Ethical Individualism: Transforming Self and Society” is a three-day event exploring the power of individual responsibility and activity in the resolution of our present social challenges. It will take place at the Goetheanum, the home of the School of Spiritual Science. It is being co-organised by the Social Initiative Forum, a project by the Section for Social Sciences and the Friends of Waldorf Education. 

Who is it for
Our gathering is envisioned for people who are re-searching ways of engaging responsibly in some of the most pressing issues of our time such as poverty, marginalization and inequality. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet an interdisciplinary group of experts working toward social transformation out of their own creativity, in order to find the inner strength required to make individual and collective decisions that help heal society and the planet.