Tax related issues

For individuals with residency in Switzerland
As a non-profit tax deductible organisation, we issue receipts for tax purposes for donations given by private individuals. These are tax deductible in almost all districts (cantons) in Switzerland. In general donations to the Anthroposophical Society are tax deductible.

For individuals with residency in Germany
Donations to the General Anthroposophical Society are made through the Anthroposophical Society in Germany. The AGiD (Germany) will issue the tax deduction receipt where appropriate (see accounts/banks) Direct donations to non-profit organisations situated outside Germany are not tax deductible within Germany.

For individuals with residency in other countries
If you reside in another country, you can give your donation to the respective national Anthroposophical Society which will transfer it to the Goetheanum. Please make sure to mark your gift with a clear designation for the Goetheanum. Respective national laws determine tax deductibility. Tax deductible gifts can be made to the Goetheanum from charitable organizations in the United States.