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From the Life at the Goetheanum

13.02.2014 12:00 Age: 1 year
By: Madeleine Ronner, Translation: Anya Wilson, Marcel Nick

Section for Fine Arts/ Genaral Antroposophical Society: Sculpture Exposition "From the I"

From the 25th of January to the 9th of June, sculptures from 21 artists are displayed on the Goetheanum grounds and in the Goetheanum itself. (Curator: Christian Hitsch, Design: Barbara Schnetzler). The vernisage on the 25th of January introduced the theme,"'From the I' - Living Balance".

Skulptur auf Goetheanum-Gelände (Foto: Sebastian Jüngel)

They search the renewal of the mysteries. They Keep a bond with the old in creating a new stream of work. Pieces by sculpturists, who work in the spiritual impulse of the Goetheanum, have been brought to Dornach and are displayed in a large sculpture exposition in and around the Goetheanum. Twenty-one artists from the present and past, from all over Europe and the USA are represented. In past years little from their work had been seen.

The question arises time and again, about what from Rudolf Steiner's art impulse is being picked up in a lively manner and being further developed. Only a few artists, mostly unrecognized, struggle over what spiritually immersed art is.

For a few years, a group of sculpturists have been meeting, to deepen the Anthroposophical art impulse. They do research, form models, and once a year present thier work in a symposium. The concept for this exposition came from the group's contemplation of the "Representative of Man" and the Goetheanum grounds. 

Special locations on the Goetheanum property were "hightened" through the placement of art or brought into a new consciouness. It has been an effort, to bring into light again, something that had been "underground" but in continual progress; at the same time the many perspectives as well, direct towards the central "group" of sculptures in the Goetheanum.

"The exposition should connect with the impulse of the laying of the Foundation Stone on September 20th, 1913: the will to renew the mysteries. Since then, sculpturists have put efforts into the task of the Spirit of the Time, to research and understand it, and integrate it into their style of work," explains Barbara Schnetzler, responsible for the design of the exposition.

With the "Representative of Man" lives a "Chaiateer of the Present", in the Goetheanum. Living Balance- the center between Ahriman and Lucifer - is what he portrays. With the exposition, this theme of the "Representative of Man" is grasped and plays in different artisitc tones in the surroundings. The artwork wants to occur as the present Moment - that can liberate the thinking for the benefit of the soul's activity - through quiet moments outside, inner movements are created.

"Living Balance" can mean: to lead the flow of time in the ever present moment, between the past and future, tension and Relaxation, verticle and horizontal. With the title, the connection is made with the task of the spirit of the time itself, and the new mysteries. The location of the turning point, is found in the series of capital motifs, formed by Rudolf Steiner for the seven columns in a sculpted metamorphosis . Steiner gave "column titles" to the forms. The column of our epoch is named: "From the I".

Exposition "'From the I'- Living Balance":
25.01.2014–09.06.2014, Goetheanum-Grounds and Goetheanum. Free Entry.

Vernissage: 25th January 2014, 15:00

Source: "Das Goetheanum" Nr. 3/2014


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