Numerous public lectures in Germany and elsewhere, as well as lecture cycles for members of the Anthroposophical Society, including
- Man: Hieroglyph of the Universe, Cosmosophy
- Man as a Symphony of the Creative Word and Karmic Relationships.

In addition, Steiner receives increasing requests for courses and lectures in specific fields, such as education, medicine, national economy, theology, agriculture, physics, acting and curative education.

In Vienna in 1922, an East-West congress with Steiner as the main speaker.

He creates a series of pastel sketches and watercolor paintings as teaching material for painters (“Nature Moods” and “Friedwart Sketches”).

Numerous eurythmy performances at various theaters in Germany and beyond, which Steiner frequently introduces with short lectures to explain this new art of movement.

Anthroposophical institutes for research, clinics and other schools are founded.

Regular articles by Steiner in Dreigliederung des sozialen Organismus and Das Goetheanum.