1897-1900 Berlin

Publisher and editor of Magazin für Literatur and Dramaturgischen Blätter, the official organ of the German Stage Union. There and elsewhere, numerous articles on literary and philosophical questions, as well as theater and book reviews.







Lectures in the Free Literary Society, Giordano Bruno-Bund and in a writers’ group, Die Kommenden, which Steiner leads after the death of Ludwig Jacobowski.
Encounters with Else Lasker-Schüler, Peter Hille, Stefan Zweig, Käthe Kollwitz, Erich Mühsam, Paul Scheerbart, Frank Wedekind and with the Friedrichshagener, among others. Friendship with Ludwig Jacobowski and Otto Erich Hartleben.
Marriage to Anna Eunike in 1899, who dies in 1911.



Teaches at the school for workers founded by Wilhelm Liebknecht in Berlin. From 1902 also in Spandau. Subjects: History, Speaking Practice, Literature, Science. Encounter with Kurt Eisner and Rosa Luxemburg among others.