Last Will and Legacies

Many people have chosen to include the Goetheanum in their wills, as this often allows for a larger gift to support the work of Anthroposophy. If you wish to create a will where the Goetheanum is the beneficiary you designate the “General Anthroposophical Society” as benicificary. This is the corporate organization of the Goetheanum and the School of Spiritual Science.

German residents
Please read the brochure from the “Gemeinnützigen Treuhandstelle eV (call or e mail us and we can send you a copy) in drawing up your testament. More specific information is provided in this publication to help you design your testament to correspond to your intentions. We suggest that you notarize your testament, especially in more complex financial circumstances.

Personal advice
We are please to help with any advice, questions, or general information. It is also possible to speak directly with individual sections or departments if you have specific questions. Your questions will be held in strict confidence.

Justus Wittich

Oliver Conradt