Data privacy and protection concept of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach

Data privacy and protection guidelines for the employees of the General Anthroposophical Society in Dornach
The regulations on data protection of the federal law is effective since 1993, with a revision in parts from 2007 caused by revisions in the EU directive. The revised regulations have been effective since 1st January 2008.
The most prominent revisions relate to a wider transparency, the worldwide transfer of personal data, declaration of data collections and the designation of a data privacy protection officer.

Anyone who processes personal data must not process data pertaining to a person against that person's express wish without justification. The collecting and aim of the data and its processing has to be transparent and comprehensible.

The data protection and information commissioner of the canton Solothurn was our referee on the employee information event on data privacy and protection at the Goetheanum on 28 February 2008.
The data privacy protection of the General Anthroposophical Society (GAS) lies under the responsibility of Dr. Seija Zimmermann, commissioner for data privacy protection of the GAS. Furthermore, each department appointed a staff member responsible for their department's data privacy and protection. This person is therefore the contact link for the commissioner for data privacy protection of the GAS.

Thus a data privacy protection concept and guidelines for the employees of the GAS has been developed. This was communicated at the General Assembly of the GAS on 4 April 2009. Written documents on data privacy and protection were made available.

The personnel (including temporary employees and cleaning personnel) of the GAS and authorized third parties are bound to confidentiality.

The access authorization to the address database of the Goetheanum has to be assigned and controlled by the assigned administrator.

The personal data in connection with membership will exclusively be used for the membership administration of the GAS. The data is regarded äs highly confidential. No information will be given telephonically or personally. Sensitive personal data or Personality profiles will be disclosed to third parties only with justification. It can be given to country societies if justifiably needed for membership administration. Countries which do not comply to the European Standard of data protection will have a separate agreement with the GAS.

The personal data given by a guest visiting the Goetheanum, attending Conferences and other events will be electronically registered and used for sending further information on events happening at the Goetheanum. On every registration form there is a note communicating this. It will be fully respected if a person would prefer not to have their address used for receiving further Information.
List of Conference participants: If participants themselves have filled in their address on the list and agree, then the list can be copied and circulated. A participant's disagreement will be fully respected.

Personal data will only be given when required if it is publicly available (e.g. from the internet, telephone directories or general enquiries, but not from the address database of the Goetheanum).
Highly confidential data (e.g. further names, birth date, death date) or personal data of a deceased person will be given only on the receiving of a justified request in writing.

Highly confidential personal data will only be sent via email if technically safe measures are taken. The IT department of the Goetheanum is currently working on safety measures.

With proof of Identification, a person may request their own personal data registered at the Goetheanum. He/she is entitled to have it changed or withheld from third parties. This will be registered and documented accordingly. He/she can also have personal data deleted except membership data. For the documentation if the GAS it is necessary to retain membership data, even that of resigned and deceased members.

The data privacy and protection concept is applicable only for the processing of personal data within the GAS. It is part of the general terms and conditions of the GAS. The general terms and conditions as well as the data privacy and protection concept of the GAS are publicly accessible on the internet.

Dornach, Dezember 2015
Dr. Seija Zimmermann
Member Executive Council
Commissioner for data privacy protection of the General Anthroposophical Society