Welcome to the Goetheanum

The Goetheanum is the center of a global network of spiritually dedicated people. As the home of the School of Spiritual Science and the General Anthroposophical Society, it serves as a place for exchanges over spiritual issues and trainings in artistic and scientific fields. The events held here range from lectures on special topics to large international confrences. On the stage, local and touring ensembles present Eurythmy, dramas and plays, puppetry, and musical performances. Located in the Jura landscape 10 km south of Basel, the Goetheanum with its expressive architecture, sits on Dornacher Hill. The Goetheanum has a picturesque garden park, café, bookstore and card shop, and is an inviting place to visit. Welcome!

Renovation Project

Photo: Clearing the Stage

During the commencement party September 29th 2013, over 500 people attended the presentation at the Goetheanum and listened to what needs to be done for the renovation of the stage. On a separate website, the Construction-Administration posts documents, films and information about what is actually taking place with weekly updates about the construction.

September 26th, 2014 from 3-4pm there will be a ceremony for the reopening of the Goetheanum stage in the Great Hall.

Note: the Statue "The Representative of Humanity" will be behind scaffolding from August 4th for a month due to cleaning, the room will be open during visiting hours.


The library at the Goetheanum has approximately 110,000 books.

Opening times: Tuesdays, 17:00 to 19:00; Fridays, 11:00 to 18:00


We are continually working on the English site. Email us with comments.

From the Life at the Goetheanum


Sergej Prokofieff †

Dear Friends, After a life of tireless activity for anthroposophy and Rudolf Steiner, our friend and emeritus Executive Council colleague Sergei Olegovitch Prokofieff crossed the threshold into the spiritual world during the...[more]


Architecture Exposition "Living Creations"

The exposition, "Living Creations" from Pieter van der Ree will be at the Goetheanum from June 21st - October 18th, 2014, updated with new pieces. This has been brought together with the help of Marianne Schubert, leader of the...[more]


Garden: extended market

From June 3rd on, the Goetheanum garden market extends its opening hours: Tuesdays and Fridays from 9-12, biodynamic seasonal fruit and vegetables are sold on the East side of the Goetheanum, behind the...[more]


DVD: Tribute to Carina Schmid

Marcel Sorge and Benedikta Schradi join Carina Schmid in her last month as leader of the Eurythmy Ensemble at the Goetheanum. Interviews, practices and performances give insight into her personality and way of working. [more]


General Meeting of the Anthroposophic Society

Members confirm changes in statutes.[more]


Michaelic Affirmation

The General Anthroposophic Society's meeting from April 11th-13th grasped the theme of the year: ""the I recognizes itself" in light of the Michaelic affirmation": the one who knows oneself, can also work with others.[more]


The Agriculture Section: Bees as Relational Beings

The endangerment of bees has shocked the public and those who work with them professionally. For their annual conference, the Agriculture Section worked to understand the being of the bee; it can be read about in "Goetheanum" No....[more]


Goetheanum Publishing: Linda Thomas on Spring Cleaning

In Linda Thomas' book, "Spring Cleaning", she reveals cleaning procedures from around the world, and developes a cleaning philosophy. Antedotes illustrate this pioneer's personal, close connection with the culture of ecological...[more]

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September 26-28th, 2014
Michaelmas Conference: 
Culture of Peace "In my questioning soul… in human brotherhood" Michaelmas conference from the General Anthroposophical Society and reopening of the Goetheanum stage! (DE, EN)

December 26th-31st, 2014
Rudolf Steiner's
Four Mystery Dramas
The Human Being is the Threshold
Christmas Conference at the Goetheanum (DE, EN, ES, IT)


General Tours Introduction to the history of the Goetheanum, the biography of Rudolf Steiner and the foundation of Anthroposophy: Saturdays, 2pm. Meeting point: Reception desk. Registration is not required. In German and English.

| Further Information
| Specific Theme Tours (Registration required)

Tours of the Building under Construction
Guidance to the construction site; insight into the current renovation on the stage, on the roof and the facade.
Every 1st Saturday of the month at 10:30 am
Duration: about 60 minutes
Meeting point: Reception. Registration is not required. In German

Guided tours of the Exhibition "Living Design"
June 20th- October 19th, 2014
Every Saturday at 11:00 am
Duration: 90 Minutes
Meeting point: reception. Registration is not required. In German

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Overview for 2014 (PDF)
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|The Program for the Goetheanum Stage
|The Programm for the Felicia Puppentheater

Friday September 5th, 2014 at 8pm Première:What You Want, a production from the "Younth Stage" in cooperation with the Goetheanum Stage group. They are in a youth theater course at the Goetheanum. Andrea Pfaehler is the director and group leader. Upcoming performances: 6th, 7th, 11th, 12th, 13th September 2014


From June 21st to October 4th, 2014 "Living Creations from the Architectural Impulse of Rudolf Steiner in the Mirror of Organic Architecture". Exposition in the Terrace room and in the Foyer, in the North Gallery and on the Executive Council floor. Further information can be found here.